Who Uses Neurofeedback?

The brain is like any other muscle; it strengthens with exercise. Unlike earlier beliefs about the brain, current neuroscience understands that your brain remains plastic for life. A self-regulated, resilient brain is efficient, calm and aware, and can make better decisions. In recent years, neurofeedback has quickly become a performance enhancement standard in Olympic and professional sports, and is increasingly being used in academic, business and spiritual communities.


Business Professionals & Leaders

Neurofeedback is a tool that high performers can use to train and exercise under-used neural networks that can support a more efficient use of mental and emotional energy, minimize over-analysing or “decision paralysis” (inability to make a decision), improve processing speed, promote stress recovery and enhance sleep.


Athletes and Public Speakers

Athletes, actors, and speakers have greatly adopted the use of neurofeedback in order to increase attentiveness, stamina and awareness; improve response-times’ maintain composure while under pressure’ and increase the ability to remain in a flow state or the ‘zone’.


Creatives and Writers

Creatives have reported their ability to access and accelerate their creative process has increased with neurofeedback training. Their sense of vision, clarity, and precision of their output is a by-product of their heightened meditative states, awareness, and ability to shift out of ‘stuck patterns’. Those in this field have also gained skill and confidence in setting professional boundaries around scope creep and unreasonable demands.


Personal & Spiritual Development

From a spiritual / consciousness perspective, we can think of neurofeedback as a technology that can help us quicker and better access the same state of mind as you conventionally do through prayer, meditation, and ceremony.


Children & Students

Parents who are looking for a non-pharmaceutical alternative to help their child improve attention, decrease general anxiety and improve habits/learning skills will find that neurofeedback results in lasting shifts and improvements in these areas.

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