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  • Head Office of Village Bloomery 203 -1836 West 5th Vancouver Canada (map)

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you didn't feel anxiety as often as you do? If you spent a little less of your time in overwhelm and more of it living in a space of calm. What would you do with that energy, that time?

Or have you considered that the majority of human beings are completely unaware that most of the thoughts in our mind are untrue. Yet, we believe them, follow them and become emotionally entangled in them. We allow them to change our mood, and in some cases, even let them change our behaviour. We react vs respond and then all of a sudden we're left standing in a space far from where we intended to be.  Our mind has a way of running away on its own. But it's possible to change that.

We're inviting you to an evening of conversation around brain health, neurofeedback, light meditation and how it can have a positive, empowering effect on you and those around you. 

Open Minds Performance and RE:MIND Meditation are teaming up for an evening of education and resources where we will explore brain health and how they relate to relationships - the relationship you have with yourself, your family, and everything in between can present in the daily challenges of everyday life. Join us on Tuesday, April 23 to learn how neurofeedback and light meditation can help you slow down, gain awareness, shift out of negative thinking to enhance family dynamics and other relationships.

What to expect for the evening:

6:30PM-8PM - open house with neurofeedback and light meditation demos

8PM-9:30PM - discussion, Q&As

This is a FREE event, and space is limited. RSVP is required.

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Later Event: October 1