About Mimi Young

My name is Mimi Young. My passion is to help others heal, thrive, and stretch their potential so they can make their ‘impossible’ a reality. The disciplines I have worked in include the fields of early childhood education, remedial and enrichment literacy/numeracy, consciousness expansion, and subconscious shadow work. In each of these areas, I have seen how learning and transformation is possible with practice, regardless of age or ability. Science calls this neuroplasticity. In addition to this, whether I am working with a grade school student, a business leader, or a client studying shamanic trance, I also consistently see one factor at play that is a key contributor to achieving their goals: their mindset. As simplistic as this may sound, our minds indeed shape our material reality.

With the democratization of technology, I was inspired to learn that neurofeedback can be used as a game-changer for peak performance. Experiencing it firsthand in my own life and witnessing transformation of those in my household, neurofeedback increases plasticity, flexibility, and improves the brain’s ability to shift in and out of mindsets at will (this quality is called resilience).

Neurofeedback also enhances each individual’s sense of awareness and consciousness. I have yet to meet a human being who does not have internal blocks and/or limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent them from living their best life. As I was training in neurofeedback, I was increasingly able to notice my own blockages in certain areas, and shift out of them. And as a natural outcome, my reality reflects my mindset.

I love this work, and the people I work with. Each person has a unique story, and I treasure the opportunity to accompany each of them to write their personal story of consciousness, freedom and embracing their most optimal selves.

I am a certified neurofeedback practitioner through Zengar Institute. I am also the founder of Ceremonie, a brand that serves to reawaken and reconnect ourselves through plant spirit medicine and consciousness.


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